Why is Influencer Marketing Good for Your SEO?

Influencer marketing can offer a major boost to your SEO. Many digital marketers know this well and do their best to tap into the huge potential of this crucial aspect of online marketing. But what exactly makes influencer marketing so effective? Let’s take a look.

Provides greater brand visibility

One of the top reasons why this form of marketing is so important for SEO is that it offers greater visibility for your brand.With influencer marketing, your business is exposed to a much wider audience. This in turn increases traffic to your website, social pages and profiles, thus gaining more followers, subscribers and eventually more leads.

Better quality backlinks

In spite of changes in Google’s SEO algorithm, backlinks are still an important part of off-site SEO. Since Google now pays more attention to the relevance, quality and authority of the source of the backlink,guest posting on the blogs of influencers has gained importance. You provide quality content on influential blogs to a wider audience and you get organic, high-authority backlinks in the bargain.

Brings direct traffic for your website

Direct traffic to your site is the 5th most important factor in Google’s algorithm. This doesn’t limit to just guest posting. Your connections and good relationships with influencers will encourage them to share your content on social platforms. This will result in bringing more direct traffic to your site thus improving your SEO.

Bring home the influencer

Another effective SEO strategy is to get a guest post by even a mid-level influencer on your blog and promote it. This will bring more traffic to your blog and more people will link back to your site for facts and quotes by the influencer.

Improve SEO with videos

As YouTube is owned by Google, diversifying into video content creation is a great way to attract the much coveted attention of Google. Joining hands with an influencer to create valuable and relevant videos will boost your own reputation along with improved SEO results.…

Top Ways Virtual Reality will Impact SEO in 2018

Mobile first and Internet of Things are already history. Get ready for a roller-coaster ride in the virtual reality technology that is all set to change the face of SEO in 2018.

If you want to stay on top of the modern digital marketing world, riding the wave of VR enabled SEO is one of the smartest moves you could make.

The major SEO shift

Virtual reality driven content is more likely to be given importance by search engines in 2018 onwards. Social media platforms and applications will be using VR and search engines will more readily index and rank such content using artificial intelligence.

Social media linking

Content that is VR enabled will have a greater appeal and impact on the online audience. People are more likely to link to and engage more in VR-generated social content in 2018. The shift of Facebook to live 360 degrees videos is a step in that direction which is likely to be followed by many other social platforms in near future.

Attract newer audiences

Virtual reality nürnberg is an exciting new way of presenting your content online. Just as a simple picture is more effective than many words and a video is more impressive than many static pictures; immersive and interactive VR enabled content will attract and influence audience to a new level of experience.

Get noticed by influencers and publishers

Influencer marketing plays an important role in SEO. Your VR-based content have more potential to attract the attention of bloggers and journalists who previously ignored your business. It will also enhance your chances to find a place in high-authority blogs related to technology and digital marketing.

If you still think that virtual reality is for gamers and tech-nerds think again. The potential of this technology is huge and your SEO strategy will need a serious update to keep up with this fast emerging trend.…