5 Adult SEO Tricks to Increase Site Traffic

Doing it right the very first time!

When we are looking at creating an adult entertainment website, we are not just looking at making money but also to make a mark in an industry which is dominated by the bigwigs.

The bigwigs could be because they were the early entrants in a field with a lot of opportunities or because they have been able to have carved out a niche for themselves that they are so popular that public demands that they stay in the league.

I learned about SEO tricks when I was building a website around my first franchise called LovePlugs. Those days there were no tutorials that spoke about what the need of the hour was. It was the beginning phase and understandably most of the website creators were learning on their own by correcting their mistakes.

There are a lot of tricks that will ensure that traffic is steady on the site but it must be remembered that in attempting it one must try the organic ways and only after trying them out, the more complicated approach must be adopted.

  1. Consider using long keywords:

I realized early on that person on adult sites already know what they are looking for and they type exactly what they want in phrases.

  1. Don’t cram your pages with excessive keywords:

Having two or more keywords on the same page can make the website pages crammed. It is also better to not spam the customers with too many clickbait ads. The customer is here for entertainment and not to watch the advertisements. Moderation is the key.

  1. Image optimization:

Images on the pages can be a great way to increase traffic. Having original and creative pictures will not just increase traffic but make sure that the customers stay long enough to become patrons!

  1. Good quality links:

This one is a given. You try to take your customers for a walk and you had it. You have to deliver each time and everytime and definitely in the first time. First impressions go a very long way.

  1. Mobile compatible content:

More and more people are accessing the internet through their smartphones. Isn’t it time that the adult entertainment industry caught up too?!