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How To Use The Google URL Inspection Tools For Your Website

If some of the pages on your site are not showing up in the Google search result then this could actually be very frustrating particularly if your website brings business to you. You could now use the Google URL inspection which is a tool that can help you to find out if the users are able to search for your website on the search engine.

The Google URL inspection tool lets you get insights into the way the search engine sees your website or a account like the Comprare mi piace facebook. You need to make sure that the website is indexable which is important for SEO. The tool lets you fix the problem.

Google uses Google bot which is a program that crawls through your website to index the URL and makes it searchable. The engine crawls all through your website and it detects any errors to be sure that the Google indexing guidelines are met. To do this you will have to submit the sitemap through a console and this will prompt the Google bot to check your site for indexing. The search console will optimize the URL of your website and make sure that it is indexed correctly.

All that you need to do to use this tool is to sign into the Google account. You will also have to verify that you have the authority to be able to use this website. This can be done by uploading the HTML verification file on the website for Google and then you need to visit the resulting URL. There are some ways in which you can verify which includes HTML met a tag or you could sign in with the domain registrar.

Once verified you get access to the search console and this lets you generate the insight reports and URL inspection tool.