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Coupon Marketing Strategy: The Ultimate Guide in 2019

If you are a small business that is trying to find a foothold in the big competitive world you surely must be using coupons strategically if you haven’t then get your act together and learn about why coupons are so important for any business.

A very potent marketing tool, coupons have now moved from mere paper cuttings in newspapers and magazines to your computer screens and smartphones. Smart businesses create coupons that are visually appealing to catch the eye of the customer. According to the CMO Council, almost 71% of online users rely on coupons and discounts. So, without much ado let us look at a few strategies that you can adopt in your coupon marketing strategy, remember you don’t just want new customers you want the existing ones to keep coming back.

Coupon marketing strategy

  1. Visually appealing: The coupons must catch the eye of the user. Hence use your logo and photos of the product on the coupon to entice the users. You can design your own coupon using any of the free design tools available online or use the services of a freelance professional.
  2. Powerful text: Give all relevant information without overwhelming the user. The coupon must have the percentage of discount, expiry date, coupon code and the venue to be used. The terms and conditions must be stated too. Call to action words must be included in the text.
  3. Tie it with the festive season: A majority of people make major purchases during festivals and holidays. So, give promotions around that time to ensure more customers will purchase your goods or services.
  4. Ideal distribution: Both brick and mortar shops and online enterprises must distribute online coupons especially on sites like Couponobox and other local websites. You can also email coupons to your existing customers; these can be more personalized and even customized if you wish. Do not forget to take advantage of social media like Twitter and Facebook. The traditional newspapers and magazines should not be overlooked either.