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Top Ways Virtual Reality will Impact SEO in 2018

Mobile first and Internet of Things are already history. Get ready for a roller-coaster ride in the virtual reality technology that is all set to change the face of SEO in 2018.

If you want to stay on top of the modern digital marketing world, riding the wave of VR enabled SEO is one of the smartest moves you could make.

The major SEO shift

Virtual reality driven content is more likely to be given importance by search engines in 2018 onwards. Social media platforms and applications will be using VR and search engines will more readily index and rank such content using artificial intelligence.

Social media linking

Content that is VR enabled will have a greater appeal and impact on the online audience. People are more likely to link to and engage more in VR-generated social content in 2018. The shift of Facebook to live 360 degrees videos is a step in that direction which is likely to be followed by many other social platforms in near future.

Attract newer audiences

Virtual reality nürnberg is an exciting new way of presenting your content online. Just as a simple picture is more effective than many words and a video is more impressive than many static pictures; immersive and interactive VR enabled content will attract and influence audience to a new level of experience.

Get noticed by influencers and publishers

Influencer marketing plays an important role in SEO. Your VR-based content have more potential to attract the attention of bloggers and journalists who previously ignored your business. It will also enhance your chances to find a place in high-authority blogs related to technology and digital marketing.

If you still think that virtual reality is for gamers and tech-nerds think again. The potential of this technology is huge and your SEO strategy will need a serious update to keep up with this fast emerging trend.…

10 Smart Strategies to Create a Successful Website

Creating aneffective website requiresresearch, planning and efforts. Let’s discusssome smart strategies for creating a successful website.

  1. Research and plan

Be crystal-clear about your business goals, budget, target customers and marketing strategies. This will help you decide on the best website building strategies for your business.

  1. Choose an effective domain name

Get a short, memorable and search engines friendly domain name. For local businesses it is best to add their company and city name to it. Purchasing domains with multiple extensions is a good strategy too.

  1. Select the right host

Select a hostingservice that matches your requirements and budget. Start from their most economical plansand upgrade to more feature-packed plans later as your business grows.

  1. Get mobile responsive

As more people use mobile devices for shopping, making your website mobile responsive is a must. It improves the user experience by making it adjust itself automatically to the device of they are using. It is also good for SEO.

  1. Keep it uncluttered

Keep the webpages clean and uncluttered. Make the top-level navigation limited to around 5 tabs with submenus. Use simple layouts with well-defined sections.

  1. Keep it light and fast

People hate slow sites and steer clear of them. Use fewer and optimized images and videos. Keep any software updated.Divide information in multiple shorter pages than a single lengthier one.

  1. Optimize for search engines

Optimize the code and content of your website for search engines by using on-site SEO strategies but you can also search website design perth to know more.

  1. Create compelling content

Content is the soul of your website. Keeping it informative, relevant and accurate will increase your website’s value in the visitors’ minds.

  1. Keep important information easily visible

Keeping important information like an offer or your contact info in places where people can easily notice it is important.

  1. Place a call to action

It is equally important to place a call to action with clickable buttons like place order, download, etc. clearly visible on each important page to improve conversion.…